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   You've looked and test driven that car or truck that caught your eye. Its ride is smooth and handles like a dream. But what about its engine, drive train, brakes and suspension? All too often, buyer's remorse comes in the form of, "I wish I had known."

   The cost of a "pre-purchase" inspection is much less than most repair costs. It also gives you some negotiating room with the salesperson before you hand out your hard earned money. Don't you want to know if your new car is going to need any work in the near future? And, how much will it cost? 

   Let's be honest for a moment. Salespeople aren't mechanics. They're not mechanics so why would they know about potential mechanical problems? They rarely, if ever, really drive the cars they sell. Give them a break and use a competent professional who is unbiased to perform a “pre-purchase inspection" for you. You deserve an honest assessment of what you're buying.

   Bob’s Automotive will provide you with a detailed inspection and evaluation of the current condition of the vehicle and its sub systems. You'll also receive a prioritized list of any repairs needed to bring the vehicle back into proper operating condition BEFORE you commit to the purchase. Now you have a clear picture of the car you're looking at and a great bargaining tool to negotiate a fair price.



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Previous to any inspection, we spend time consulting with our customer so we can better understand any ideas or concerns they may have regarding the vehicle being purchased.  This process allows us to fully understand the reason for the purchase, the type of service the vehicle is expected to be used for, what family member will be the primary driver and where the vehicle will be driven. All of this is very important information for us to take the time to understand so we can meet our customer’s expectations more completely.








What's Performed:


   A through test drive of the vehicle is performed by one of our ASE certified technicians to evaluate the vehicle's performance, handling and braking characteristics. The vehicle's starting & charging systems, engine compression, initial timing, timing advances, fuel control, ignition system operation and power balance are all performance tested.  All lights, signals, belts, hoses, steering, suspension systems are evaluated. We inspect the complete exhaust system, pipes, mufflers, converters, manifolds, securing and insulating devices. We performance test the heating and air conditioning system to make sure they perform up to manufactures requirements. We evaluate the vehicles cooling system operation, coolant concentration, levels and even the acidic condition of the coolant. We inspect and locate leaks from any of the many fluids in the vehicle. We perform a very through brake system inspection to reveal in detail the current condition of the brakes and hydraulic components right down to the fraction of an inch. We further evaluate the vehicle to see if any mileage services, timing belts, belts, hoses or fluids are due for servicing or replacement using the vehicle manufactures scheduled maintenance recommendations. We next compile all the results and record the findings in our computer management system so we can estimate any needs and save the results of tests performed. All the information will be on file permanently. Our service advisors can now take the time to sit down and explain the detailed inspection reports and the diagnostic results, along with any needs that may have been uncovered or any questions you may have.



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